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gideon bandI have played…

music in one way or another almost for as many years as I have had on this planet, starting with playing the drums when I was only around 7 years old. Later I picked up the guitar and started singing more seriously and in my teens I sang in a band with friends from the neighborhood. I ended up giving songwriting a go, and in 1992 we released an EP simply called Gideon:

Life and circumstances…

took us in different directions, and I continued working alone as a singer/songwriter and eventually I managed releasing the cd “Bootleg” in 2001 at Commusication Records—a label I initiated for the occasion.

Listen to all the songs from Bootleg below:

Commusication logoSince then…

I haven’t done a lot of focused songwriting or performing. I have played the guitar in different constellations, and I do that still from time to time. I have done a few recordings of material made by others—children’s songs (sometimes featuring my own kids singing), various evergreens, etc.

You can listen to some of my things below, and more will probably pop up in the future: