Holy Apostle James

Today the Holy Orthodox Church commemorates the Holy Apostle James, who, according to Tradition rests in Santiago de Compostela.

Holy Apostle James, the Brother of St. John the Theologian, Troparion, Tone III —
O holy apostle James/ entreat the merciful God// that He grant to our souls remission of transgressions.

Or this troparion, in the same tone —
Thou wast a chosen apostle of Christ/ and the only brother of the beloved Theologian,/ O most lauded James./ Ask thou remission of sins for those who hymn thee,// and great mercy for our souls.

Kontakion, Tone II: “Seeking the highest…” —
Hearing the voice of God calling thee,/ thou didst disdain the love of thy father,/ and with thy kinsman thou didst hasten after Christ, O glorious James./ And with him thou wast counted worthy to behold// the divine transfiguration of the Lord.

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