Blogger import and æøå

I just tried importing all my posts from the blog “Gideon’s Skriblerier” over at It all went well! Even images were brought into this blog. However, the titles of the blogposts, some of which were in Danish, seemed very strange. The Northern Germanic letters æ, ø and å were not visible in the title. There simply just wasn’t anything there. The author of the theme (which I like very much, by the way, thank you) has been given a notice.

5 thoughts on “Blogger import and æøå

  1. Ah – there you go. Cufon settings (whatever they are) needed a change, and we’re up and flying… Blogger import next, then!

  2. Hej. Kunne du venligst fortælle mig hvordan du har fået ÆØÅ i dine overskrifter i lightword temaet? 🙂

  3. Under Lightword Settings (finder du under Appearance) vælger du at sætte Cufon til extra, så er problemet løst 😉

  4. Der er en ny version ude af LightWord – 1.9.6. Hvis man opdaterer til denne, virker danske bogstaver tilsyneladende uden problemer, uanset indstillinger!

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