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These are a few of my favorite things

There are so many good reasons for using Firefox, I think (get it in Danish or in Serbian). One being the ability to install add-ons, plugins and themes at will, adding functionality and appearance to your browser. I’ve made a list of my own favorite add-ons (and one single theme that I use), which I’ll […]

Pavle & Sara on New Years Eve

Happy 2010

Happy 2010 with the following podcast of fr. John Finley – a poetic collection of dictums of late Fr. Alexander Schmemann, all describing the orthodox vision of the Holy Eucharist, from which we draw our life:

Vitello vil have en far

Hør historien om Vitello, der gerne vil have en far, og hvordan han forsøger at få fingre i én.


Three books I’d like to get hold of…

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From the good old days…

I have been looking around in our boxes in the addict, and here are a few pictures I found:

Our Wedding Day

When we first met


Blogger import and æøå

I just tried importing all my posts from the blog “Gideon’s Skriblerier” over at It all went well! Even images were brought into this blog. However, the titles of the blogposts, some of which were in Danish, seemed very strange. The Northern Germanic letters æ, ø and å were not visible in the title. […]

Now with pictures!

After a lot of hassle, I finally got WP to accept my petty photos!

WP here we come…

I think I might end up getting all impressed by this WordPress. I haven’t really felt like plunging into it until now, where I had to. But it sure seems mighty fine… The site is taking shape!

For some reason I cannot seem to make the Media Library work… What is that all about?!


Hello world!

WordPress is running and the theme has been updated. Here we go now, then…